Sunday, 30 August 2009

Our Yorkshire Visit to John and Hannah's

On Saturday 23rd August, I drove with the kids up to Otley in Yorkshire to visit John and Hannah in their newish home. I had been really worried about doing the drive, as I've hardly ever done any motorway driving at all. It turned out fine though, and I was way more confident than I thought I'd be, and even enjoyed it.
John and Hannah's house is in a beautiful location! It overlooks such gorgeous scenery. We took a walk into town, and bought some baguettes for lunch. This is John's walk to work! (Hannah kindly lent me her camera for the visit)Having lunch and feeding ducksJohn and Hannah have done tonnes of big stuctural work on their house - it's looking really great - just a bit of decorating to do now, ha ha!!
In the afternoon, we went to Harrogate, for John to have an eye appointment. I've never been before, and it is wonderful! We walked into the town through the park, and I had a nice time looking in Cath Kidston's, and Lucy was happy in a shop which sold half price Yankee Candles, picking out some for her birthday.At bedtime, Harry and I had the back bedroom for ourselves, and Lucy, Jack and Tom all camped in the front room. We were pretty comfy!

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