Sunday, 30 August 2009

On Tuesday 25th August, Hannah, the kids and I drove to Ilkley, to have a little hike on the moor. We went up to the Bath House, and that was kind of going to be it, but the kids all headed off along a path, and Hannah and I just kept following them, but we ended up going for ages without catching them up. After yelling my head off and hoping they'd hear, they did stop and we caught up with them. We'd gone so far by then, we thought we'd carry on a bit more to see another view, and then we saw the chimneys of a restaurant that we'd thought beforehand we might drive to after the hike.
(And yes, that is Jack with a Chocolate Wheeto up his nose) I loved the purple heather everywhere.
The restaurant (the Cow and Calf - named after the nearby rock formations) that we eventually made it to for lunch. It looked a lot closer than it really was, when we first spotted it and decided to go there! After lunch we then had to hike the whole way back again... the kids were brilliant though, especially Harry, considering he size of his legs.
When we'd driven back to John and Hannah's after, I misjudged driving into their driveway, and managed to hit and break off their gate post totally, and scratch up the side of the car!!
In the evening when John got in from work, (after showing him his gate post!) he, I and the kids drove to Bolton Abbey, and went over the steeping stones across the river. It is just so gorgeous there!! We had taken swimming stuff, and got changed on the bank, and had a nice play in the river. The water was pretty freezing!
(I'm not sure where Harry thought he was heading in this picture...)
Lucy and I swimming. Aren't the stepping stones brilliant?!
The next morning, the kids and I drove home. We got a bit lost on the way and ended up in Nottingham, so we visited mum for an hour or so (she was in her charity shop, so we called in there to surprise her and walk home with her), then carried on home.

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Pete, Alison and Charlie said...

Ooh - I've been there! I remember waddling across those very stepping stones when I was ENORMOUSLY pregnant with Charlie! If I remember rightly, they were more than a bit wobbly in places! (Greenpeace were on hand to rescue me if I'd gone belly up in the water though!) XXX