Monday, 17 August 2009

Church and new friends

At church on the 9th, we all made it without anyone being sick, and we had an interpreter too which was good - Emmanuel (not sure of spelling!) - he had been a missionary in the branch a couple of years before and was back on holiday. As a missionary he had helped Dad on the house, and so Dad invited him, and his fiance, his Mum and her friend back for dinner. We had a wonderful day! We dragged the dining tables out into the front garden for a meal, and it was a lovely mixture of English and French chatting. I really liked getting to know Emmanuel's fiance, Ann-Louise (again - probably the wrong spelling...) we even had scrapbooking in common! After a bit we went down to Josselin for a boat ride.
Harry's preferred size of bread
Beware of 3 year olds steering boats:
After the boat, we all went for a walk to Yvon's wood - he was there at his cabin with his wife Helene and their son, and it was lovely bringing people with us who could speak his language for once, and finding out new things about him which we hadn't been able to communicate before!

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