Thursday, 20 August 2009

Well I did get a new camera and had it all of 24 hours - but returned it to the shop again today. It just wasn't as good as my old one. Hmmm. So do I go for the digital SLR this time?

I'm on my own tonight. Scott will be driving to Snowdon as we speak - he is climbing it tomorrow with the Youth from church, and going to Preston Temple after, while he is that direction.
Lucy and I peeled and prepared TONNES of apples off our tree today, and the kids spent ages playing with Lego. I am just about unpacked now, all ready to pack again tomorrow - I am taking the kids to stay with John and Hannah in Yorkshire for a bit.

Conversation at bedtime tonight:
Me: Harry, I don't want you to keep blowing raspberries anymore.
Harry (3): The feet keep making me do it.
M: What feet!?
H: These feet (touches his feet). They can talk you know.
M: Can they.
H: They can't do raspberries. They tell me to do raspberries.
M: Right. Can you tell your feet not to tell you to do raspberries any more please.


pescbrico said...

You should go for SLR... I've got the Nikon D80 and I just love it... If I would have wait just 30 more days I would have got the D90 wich can take some movies too...
The pictures you can take with that are simply amazing. I don't think you would regret going for a SLR! Have fun shopping for your new camera! :)

Miss Beevers said...

Buy it, Helen! You know you want to!!!! Consider it an investment!

Anna said...

As if the Preston temple is anywhere near snowdon!!! Glad you could take the camera back in the end! Enjoy your trip x

pescbrico said...

Yes, it's my oldest one starting school. She is excited!! :)
I know those camera are expensive but I don't think you will regret it. It is so worth it. Good luck in making a decision! :)