Sunday, 26 July 2009

Well thank goodness we are going on holiday tomorrow (and no, I haven't quite finished, well started, the packing yet...) The first week of the summer holidays has seen me turn into the evil nagging shrew woman, who doesn't like kids much (or any noise/mess they make, at least). I always find this first week the hardest, and combined with PMT I didn't feel great. I don't think the kids had too bad a time though. The car broke down so we didn't really go anywhere much (luckily we've still got 2 people carriers so it doesn't mess up our holiday plans too much), but they camped out and have done some lovely art work, and Lucy had a baking day. Harry liked the courgette/marrows we picked on Friday (now grated and frozen ready for making Courgette Loaf), and he loved the millions of butterflies in the garden at the moment.
One thing I have really enjoyed this week is watching 1920's based 'The House of Elliot' on DVD each evening with Lucy! We love it!! I remember watching it on TV every week years ago, and I decided to buy it on ebay the other day.
This evening we went to the house of one of Tom's school friends for a BBQ. It was really nice and I needn't have worried about us mixing in with lots of new people. Scott met someone who works at his college and there was plenty to talk about with everyone. It does make me realise just how much social stuff we get to have as church members though, that we take as a given! I feel very lucky to have all the church member and non-member friends that we do - I feel surrounded by a very nice bunch of people. We decided to go home when Tom got a nose bleed and Harry had a little wee accident in his pants...
I really am going to go and do some packing now. Be back in a few weeks!


Angela said...

Thanks for sharing with us! I'm glad that you have a great Church Family to support you. I'm also sure that your kids are very grateful or will be when they get older for your taking them to places. :) Love the pictures! Thanks for sharing with us!

danielgosling said...

Mmm! Courgette!

danielgosling said...

Mmmm! Courgette!