Friday, 10 July 2009

I like Fridays - they are normally nice and quiet. Harry and I have pottered round the garden (admiring our vegetables...), made a card for Adam to thank him for all his videos since his video player broke, and Harry is listening to story tapes now (I love his little ear sticking out). We are going to go to the Temple tomorrow, so we'll make some cakes later on, to take with us, and then do my main job for today - clean the bathroom! What an exciting life!

Other things - Ethan is better now - didn't find out if it was swine flu or not, though there is a case in our kids' school now.
Tom got a brilliant school report, which says he is especially gifted at Maths. I know. I'm always asking him to work things out for me when I can't be bothered!
We managed to make a flood on Tuesday - Tom was filling the sink, with a flannel in that blocked the overflow, so we had a swimming pool in the bathroom (Tom had gone back in his bedroom), and a nice waterfall down the living room walls! I was supposed to be helping at playgroup that morning, but popped back home to finish clearing up. It all seems to have dried up OK now.
Lucy and Jack are working hard on their school play which is next week. They have about 6 roles between them - I have lost track, and they keep singing bits of strange songs.
I was a 'lady wot lunches' yesterday, and met up with my book club ladies and we read peotry in Harriet's garden. It was very civilised and nice! (Apart from when Harry dropped their guinea pig from about 3 foot up - thankfully it's OK)
Scott said he was a 'bloke wot lunches' yesterday too. He went to Frankie and Benny's with Richard from work.
And all my ironing is done!!!

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