Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Guess what - I actually did some DIY on the house!! So much fun fillering (There should be a special font you use for sarcasm). Our house is pretty much made of filler...

A good activity for the kids - we froze all kinds of objects in water, in an icecream tub. We did a few different layers so they didn't all sink to the bottom - things like stones, pennies, small plastic toys, string etc. Then they spend ages hacking them out! I got the idea from this blog Lets Explore - it has lots of good ideas for kids.Took this picture a few days ago - Scott trying to escape from the trampoline, with lots of little people trying to stop him!And finally, why can't my kids keep still when they sleep? - this is what they look like by the time we tuck them in when we go to bed. (Unless Harry has fallen out of bed and is asleep behind the door) Do everyone else's children do this?

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