Saturday, 11 July 2009

London Temple

We took the kids down to the Temple today, and Scott and I took it in turns to do a session. Scott took the kids to Gatwick to watch the planes, and I stayed in the grounds with some activities to do. For some reason I hadn't considered it might rain (which it did), but the kids and I made a nice little area under the trees which kept us dry. Tom drew a picture of the Temple, the boys followed some poor duck around, and watched the giant fish, Lucy read and we took loads of pictures of each other. All the normal Temple photos you usually take, but I do like them - especially the new blog header one, and the flowers were gorgeous. (There aren't many of Jack because he was pulling daft faces in all of them).

Tom has been asking to go to the Temple for ages so he could get his first proper scriptures. We've done that when the kids are eight before, but Tom is very keen. He picked out blue ones. Harry went a bit manic in the Distribution Centre and wanted everything. We said he could not have scriptures yet due to lack of reading ability (except for 'H'), but he's happy now because Tom's given him his old Book of Mormon. He came away with a CTR ring, and posters of Noah's Ark and Christ at the 2nd coming. Tom got one of Joseph Smith, and Jack got a journal.

It was pretty successful doing the swap over and looking after the kids, so I think we'll go more often now on a Saturday.


Susannah said...

Those pictures are so lovely. The one of Lucy is great. Thanks for having us over, we really enjoyed it.

Marlene Fredricks said...

My name is Marlene Fredricks and
I found you through the "Pete Alison & Charlie blog. I was doing a little poking around on the internet about "Meckel-Gruber Syndrome" and discovered a couple of Moms who have shared the experience of losing babies with that Syndrome. Do you personally know Alison? And are they also members of the Church? I love your pictures of your children in front of the temple. Which one is it by the way?

I am from Washington State,( USA.)
My other email is in case you have any interest in contacting me.

I set up the beginning of a blog late one evening and never got around to doing anything with it.
These young moms might have inspired me to share my story of my experience with MGS. It has been over 30 years and I havn't ever spoken with anyone who has experienced it.

I havn't read much of your blog yet but what I have seen so far is great. You have a beautiful family. Photography is my thing. What camera do you use? Your pictures are wonderful, by the way.

Marlene Fredricks said...

Of course it is the London Temple!
I guess I wasn''t paying attention very closely.