Monday, 6 July 2009


Quite a few things today...
Tom missed school and we went for his appointment at the hospital to see about his tummy problems over the last few months. We had a great doctor (who discovered just how ticklish Tom really is!), and he sent Tom for his first ever X-ray. It turns out there's a problem with his bowels, which some medicine will start to help. We're all really happy that we know what's going on now anyway. Harry and Tom were great hanging around the hospital so long.
Lucy found out her SATs results today - she got all level 5's, which was the highest she could get in her tests, so well done Lucy!
Nanny and Grandad Page came for a visit at tea-time, and bought fish and chips too which was lovely! Lucy and I had to rush off though to go swimming with Guides. Talk about exhausted... (as if only 4 hours sleep last night wasn't bad enough...) synchronised (well - not very) swimming, piggy back races, handstands, diving etc... I really enjoyed it.
Lucy had a meeting at her new secondary school last week, and found out who will be in her class in September. A few of the girls from guides will be in her class, and it was nice seeing them getting on well tonight.
Also this evening, Shane said that Ethan (our nephew) might have Swine flu - they are waiting for confirmation. Hopefully he is not going to be too poorly. I think there have been 4 cases in their village. It's a bit scary, fingers crossed.

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Pete, Alison and Charlie said...

It's all go with you lot, isn't it?! Didn't know Tom had been having problems - hope it's nothing major, and that the doctors can sort him out pronto. Will also be keeping your nephew in our thoughts and prayers - we're a bit edgy about the whole swine flu thing, to be honest. All the reports are taking great pains to reassure everyone that the people badly affected have 'serious underlying health issues'... and we're thinking 'hmmmm - like congenital heart disease, maybe?!' Scary stuff.
Can't believe Lucy is off to senior school in September - it doesn't seem five minutes since she was born. How time flies.
Speak soon - lots of love to all of you, and hope Tom's tummy is better soon.
Love, Ali xxx