Tuesday, 30 June 2009

We feel sick

If you wanna make all your kids feel 'puke', make this smoothie:

1 whole broccoli
1 big lump of frozen spinach
2 big carrots
Orange juice
Apple juice

It is truly revolting. We have made what we call 'power smoothies' before, which look very green, but this one even I struggled with - I really do feel sick now, along with the kids.

Also, I have never seen such a grubby T-shirt. Click on the picture to see just how bad it is!! It was clean this morning:(Jack is eating frozen strawberries, in case you are wondering) Tom also managed to get a big hole in the knee of his brand new school trousers this afternoon. They were only 2 days old!

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Pete, Alison and Charlie said...

I think even I could have told you that wasn't going to taste very nice! All of the ingredients sound yummy - just not together! Love Jack's shirt - Charlie's knees were that colour today! Hope all's well with you lot! (apart from the post-smoothie nausea!!) XXX