Saturday, 13 June 2009

Lucy bought a Calvin & Hobbes cartoon book on Ebay, and it came today... here she is in Nanny and Grandad's old hammock in our garden, which looks like someone has chucked cotton wool over the whole thing. The Elders who came for tea yesterday (talk about inspiration - I suddenly thought 'I'm sure I signed up a few weeks ago for the Missionaries to come for dinner some time in June or July' so I rang them up to ask, and sure enough they were due to come in 35 minutes...) anyway, they asked if we had a cotton tree. Never heard of one, but definitely looks like we have one.
The climbing frame is a ship at the moment, which obviously is rescuing the kids from large amounts of lava.
Also in the post today came my latest ebay purchase - a basket for my bike! (This was prompted by my having to bring Harry's Father's Day card home from playgroup stuck down the back of my shorts. I've been picking him up everyday with the new bike thing.)
We actually cleaned out the cars today (First time in about a year) - we enjoyed hanging about in the front garden for a change and playing with the bikes.

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