Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Pet Monster & A New Mode of Transport

About a week ago Tom chopped up a pair of his pyjama bottoms and laid out a camel from the bits. He asked me to teach him to sew them together, which Grandma did at the weekend (went to Nottm for the Conference). Now he is making a pet monster (from an old seat pad).
We also have a new bike thing! Emma from my (not church) book club, bought it round for us this morning. I took it down to playgroup to pick up Harry, and he wasn't at all impressed, but after a minute or so of walking decided maybe it would be OK. (Don't worry Mum - we just stuck to the pavement) Harry thinks it's great! He wanted me to cycle him round the garden when we got back... no chance - my thighs are already killing...

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