Tuesday, 23 June 2009

I was thinking about Ali's comment on our last post, re portion size, so thought I'd better use some Growmore on our strawberries... it worked!
Only kidding - went strawberry picking on Saturday - guess which basket is Harry's. We didn't let the kids eat any strawberries in the field, they had to wait till we'd paid and were in the car, but then Harry really made up for it...
So now we have frozen strawberries (for our smoothies), strawberry jam (a bit runny, so I'm re-naming it strawberry sauce and using it in the bottom of sponge puddings etc.), and dehydrated strawberries. We had strawberries in some of the 'sauce' and sweet cream and scones at tea time. Um-mmmmm.

I got released from my calling as Youth Sunday School teacher on Sunday. I've done it for nearly 2 years now. I haven't got a new calling yet, but will be standing in as the Adult Sunday School teacher till we go to France in the summer. Scott's early morning meetings were cancelled for Father's Day, so he got a lie-in and a roast dinner. I think he had a nice day.

Yesterday was nice - Harry and I went blackcurrant and rhubarb picking at the Larson's house next to the church farms. Harry picked FIVE currants then gave up. He was too distracted by the trains going by. We popped in at the church farm office and asked if we could have a look at the machinery. Very big tractors and combines! Harry happy. The office gave him some of the farming brochures to take home too, and he has been telling me all about 'John Deeres' and 'CATs' etc. We then went up to the old church on the hill and sat on a bench watching the railway. It was very peaceful and quiet - just birds singing and the odd train - that and Harry talking about dead people, and me saying No - he probably wasn't going to be dead today, OK. (Not that he was very worried by it)
Well, Lucy and Jack have just come in from rehearsals, Tom is on the computer and Harry has wedged himself into a wicker basket, and is asking me to put another one on his head. Better go and do it...

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