Monday, 7 June 2010

First day at Bel-Air

We spent all of Wednesday 26th travelling - my first time on the Euro Tunnel - which I had not been looking forwards to (trapped-in-a-watery-tunnel-death-type-worries), but it turned out to make for a quicker and smoother journey. We did the 6 hour drive on the French side with only a 5 min toilet break in the middle. The kids amaze me with this every time. I fidget more than them.
We arrived at Bel-Air, our house in France, at tea time. It is a big old farm building that my parents and 2 sets of their friends divided up into 3 separate places, a few years ago. Scott and I, and my brother, subsequently bought out the friends who had the middle bit.
Our arrival made the overall house total up to 17! The other couple, Ken & Bev, had their daughter Juli, and her family staying too. Juli just happens to be my best ever friend from growing up!
Our first morning (Thurs 27th) started off with Dad getting the kids to do some marching - he has acquired a drum from somewhere, and the kids were soon disciplined and marching in time, down the lane. It was hilarious! Thank goodness our neighbours are far and few between.
This picture is taken in the house next door's bit. It's empty, and for sale at the moment. During our holiday quite a few people came and viewed it. Hope they weren't put off too much by the 9 kids running around... Dad rewarding his mini army with trailer rides!
We opted for a lazy, hanging around at home day. Catching up with people, and soaking in the seclusion of the place.We had arrived to find the back garden a bit dug up. Ken had been making a soak-away for a new drain pipe, and working on levelling an area for a nice York stone patio.
Not entirely sure why Ken had a collander on his head or was doing daft dancing.
We had such a laugh watching him at work!
Ken and Scott attempting to wash a load of gravel in the cement mixer, for a temporary path... they took absolutely ages, and it didn't look a whole lot cleaner at the end. Great entertainment value though!
I love all the space that the kids have, to bomb around on bikes and scooters.
Oh, and the big kids too!
I am more of a cautious biker now, after putting me and the bike upside down in a ditch last year. A common sight during the holiday - some of the kids amusing themselves in our living room.

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