Sunday, 23 May 2010

This Weekend

I'm not sure why I thought scraping the moss off the roof was the most vital thing to be done yesterday (especially considering the state of the inside) but that is what Lucy and I did while the boys were still at camp. And we washed and cleaned out (and vacuumed inside (I'm really a wanna-be neat-freak)) the gutters, and washed down the porch roof etc. While we did this Harry washed the car with a window squeegee and various scrubbing brushes. We could hear him muttering away to himself 'I'm fed up of this sun... it keeps drying up the water...' He was so funny. Anyway the car was a total state by the time he'd finished and later Scott took it to the car wash. At bedtime I pointed out the window how shiny the car was, and Harry said absolutely beaming and proud of himself, 'I worked SO hard on that!'
Harry taking a short break from cleaning
In the afternoon, of course the next most important job to be done (ha ha,) was to paint the newishly built playhouse. We thought it would be a good idea to paint one of the walls inside with blackboard paint, and luckily we had about an inch of the tar-like substance left in the garage (I think it's about 7 years old), so anyway, I got on with painting that, while Lucy, who was supposed to be painting the ceiling, got on with dropping great blobs of paint on the top of my head. What a total mess. The playhouse is looking pretty good, but Lucy and I spent a long time getting paint off us last night.Harry has been happy with a hammer and some nails over the last couple of days. I bought the boys an Ikea tool kit a while back.
This picture sums up how I think summer should be! Grubby little boys in a slightly scruffy garden, enjoying themselves.
Today we had church in the morning - Lucy's talk was good, and then some friends invited us over later for food, which I cannot tell you how happy I was about!
Now I am realising that I only have 2 days left before we go away. It's a case now of washing, drying, ironing, packing, cleaning or tidying up virtually everything we own. (Except the gutters.) Not that I can complain though - I am dreaming of all my favourite places in our bit of France, and of seeing them all again very soon!

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