Thursday, 6 May 2010

Well it looks like it might be a long evening, as Scott is threatening to stay up and wait for all the election results to come in. Might as well catch up on what's been going on since America. This can be summed up in 4 words: Tired, Yorkshire, Sore Back.
The Monday after we were all reunited, Harry and I cleared out one of the vegetable beds and planted seeds (onions, leeks, broccoli & cauliflower), and the next day the kids got on with clearing out the other bed. They have been happy to be in the garden, and enjoying each other's company, I think. I just spent last week feeling shattered and having to take naps here, there and everywhere. Luckily, Scott who was back at work on Monday, said he felt pretty OK, even though he has had masses to do at work to catch up. Straight after school on Friday, we were all packed up and in the car on the way to Yorkshire. My brother John had organised a Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge. We had booked along with Mum & Dad and some others to stay in a stone barn called Dub Cote, in Horton in Ribblesdale. It took us 4 hours to get there, with the kids being superb on the journey as usual.
Got the kids to bed (in various bunk beds), then enjoyed an evening chatting and laughing (to the point of crying... something to do with Mum/Dad/their honeymoon/a not working fridge...)with Mum, Dad, Ken, Bev, Denise, Dale, Katy & Dan.Dad had also made me a birthday carrot cake (very nicely decorated by Mum in Christmas stuff!)

(Took me three goes to blow out five candles...)My, Lucy, Mum and Denise's room.
Some more guys turned up at about 6.20 am, and after cooked breakfasts (except Dad who had Shreddies with milk, sugar, whipped cream and marshmallows), we met up with John's part of the group, and set off.
Katy, Dan, Amy, Harry and I didn't drive down to the village first - we just set off up the hill to the foot of the first peak - Pen y Ghent. Harry was a bit fed up walking at first (he can normally just scoot everywhere), but then got into his stride. View back down on the barn etc.

Pen y Ghent
Harry really perked up when we met up with the rest of the group, and he led the way, starting off up the peak, chattering away non stop.
Our lot, and Dale at the top.
Heading back down.
I love all the dry stone walls and sheep and grass. It reminds me of childhood for some reason (Derbyshire I think). After all the amazing vistas we saw in America, it is still wonderful to see this kind of England.
We got to the road again at the bottom, and Harry would walk no further. He had walked 8 miles. Scott went on to get the car and pick us up!

Meeting up with nearly everyone later on. (Mum, Bev and Denise showed up later.)The Ribblehead viaduct. Start of the next peak. We decided to go back home then - we had been lucky with the weather, and wanted to leave before the rain, and get home at a reasonable time.
Dad, John, and a few of the others did all 3 peaks, though Dad was really freezing by the end - he had been separated from his waterproof, and got stuck in hail and heavy rain.
Keeping warm before leaving.
Sunday was my 35th birthday. It was also Fast Sunday (no chocolate for breakfast...), and I got a new calling (assignment to take on a specific role at church) in Relief Society (the women's organisation).
Mum and Dad had bought me a couple of gorgeous sewing and quilting books, so I had a very happy time looking at them. Made a very interesting vegetarian lasagne for my birthday tea, as we hadn't got very organised with the shopping yet. (Kitchen smelt of burnt boiled cracked wheat...)
I was just thinking about what to have for dessert, when Anna turned up with a Barbie birthday cake, complete with pink icing for me! It was fab!!
On Bank Holiday Monday, my main objective was to get the wooden playhouse, which had been lying in the garden in about a million bits, put together. We bought it off my friend Harriet when she moved house.
It took about 4 hours, but when we tried to move it, I did my back in, and have been in lots of pain ever since. So far I can't really sit down - just stand (which I did for about 4 hours straight yesterday afternoon at a party I took Harry to) or lie down. I'm getting a bit tired now, but think it's starting to improve. Spent yesterday morning pacing around not knowing where to put myself - very reminiscent of being in labour! I'm also fed up that I've had to miss my first two Relief Society meetings, last night and tonight - I can't drive or sit for long enough. We also had a huge Tesco shop delivered yesterday, which I had bought online last week - all food storagey stuff - tins and packets. I just tipped it all out in a massive mountain in the porch, and the kids helped me unpack it after school!
Anyway, next week I am planning on catching up on all unpacking, washing, ironing, cleaning, gardening, cooking more normal things, and being pain free. (Though might just catch up on reading, quilting and sleep!)
Election Night Special has just begun on TV now. Scott and I both voted today (me along with Harry, sparkly crash helmet, Scooter and a big bag of Cadbury's Mini Eggs, and Scott with Tom, on his way back from picking our car up from being serviced - not looking hopeful that our boot will ever be able to open again - fixing it will probably cost more than the car's worth!)
I was disappointed there was no Raving Loony party candidate for our area. I don't think anything I voted for would make much difference - we are in such a strong majority area.
Twelve minutes since polls shut now... stuggling to stay awake!

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