Thursday, 20 May 2010

Just bits

After having a horrible cold all week - more sleepless nights, best part of 2 days in bed, unable to shout at kids (!) etc, I felt a bit better today, and finished planting out the other vegetable bed, got some ironing done, and attempted some food shopping with Harry. We got the essentials - 4 rolls of double-sided sticky tape, a ream of paper, a clipboard for Harry, a washing-up bowl for the boys to play with, a box of 'Fab' icecreams, and fruit - before Harry had totally had enough (I don't think he is feeling great either) and starting shouting DON'T BUY ANY MORE THINGS!!! and crying. I felt the same way so we went home, with no bread, milk, stuff for dinners or cereals. Lovely Scott is just getting back from doing a proper shop as we speak. Oh - I did buy him a nice new tie though - and even wrapped it up and everything! (In pink ballerina paper.)
I thought I should take pictures of Lucy, Jack and Tom today too, as I seem to mostly take pictures of Harry.
I found Tom doing his homework on the porch floor of all places!
He has finally finished doing his 3x tables at school this week! Hurray! Every time he got tested, he'd forget one. I was fed up of Threes! He's been enjoying doing a Times Tables workbook that Nanny gave him though, and asked me to get him some more. Good old Amazon, with free postage! Two new books heading his way. Jack was watering the vegetable bed that we planted up a couple of weeks ago - look at those cute little rows of onions and cauliflowers!
Jack is happy - he pulled out a tooth today, and was well impressed by the long roots on it! He also had his friend Xander from church, round for tea yesterday.
He is also really looking forwards to a Maths Challenge day on Monday - all the local schools put together a team, and they compete, and Jack is on his school's team.
And Lucy was preparing for her first ever Sacrament Meeting talk, which she is giving this Sunday. I am proud of her - speaking in front of approx. 200 people is not the easiest thing to do.
She went to Kensington Palace with school today. (I'm still not quite sure why - it was only a minibus full of them and they didn't have to pay - something to do with some arts award she is working on.) She loved it anyway - said the rooms were amazing.
I don't think I mentioned Lucy's Parent's Evening that was last week or the week before.
All her teachers spoke very highly of her as a person, and said she's doing about as well as it's possible to do. Even in science, one of her least favourites, she got the highest mark in her class's last test. Her English teacher said she had been 'looking forwards to this one all evening' - i.e. getting to give Lucy's report. So we are quite proud of her school-wise too!
Lucy's also been great at home - she is always asking if I need any help, or just gets on with helping Harry etc. She is good to talk to, and pretty sensible. I'm glad she is our oldest child - she's doing a good job of setting a good example to the boys.A picture of cake never goes amiss... some we made at the weekend. (The kids have also been doing lots of Hama bead creations lately - on the window sill - they sit there for weeks till I get nagged enough to iron them.)
And now it's later and the kids are in bed, Scott is enjoying sitting in the garden, looking at our holiday photos from America on the laptop. That seems so long ago already! Good job we are going on holiday again next week!

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