Monday, 7 June 2010

Last couple of days

On Friday we went to Lac au Duc, with our new canoes on the inflatable roof rack from ebay. It worked really well, before you laugh!
I don't know if I mentioned it before, but a couple moved in across the road from us, and they happen to have a holiday home in a village right near us in France, and we bought a couple of canoes off them, which Mum and Dad had picked up for us before we arrived.
Another glorious day, and pretty much a whole lake (which has a sandy beach) to ourselves. Tom had his first ever go at canoeing by himself - he did pretty well!
Harry also had a go at canoeing on his own. I didn't think he'd manage it, but he started off across the lake no problem, so I had to grab the flippers off Lucy quick, and speed swim after him to turn him around!
Harry has never played in water before (except the odd trip to the swimming pool) - he usually stays well away, so I was really pleased to see him enjoying it so much this time.
Enjoying the evening sun.The house attached to ours. It is for sale at the moment - approx. £100,000 with 4 acres and a stack of out buildings!! We had a wander around the place in the evening, and I was trying to work out ways to buy it and live there permanently. There is a huge amount of work needed though, and it wouldn't be entirely practical. No harm imagining though!On Saturday we went for a walk around the 'Wood of Love' in Josselin, and packed up our stuff at a very leisurely rate.The shed walls are growing, and Dad put in a lovely stone corner. He is going to render the block work - it's going to look fab.
Surfboards, body boards, wetsuits, bikes, canoes, life jackets - everything now packed up in our living room! It's sad to shut up the house and leave. I think we become fonder of it each time. At least there are only 8 weeks till we are there again!

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