Monday, 21 June 2010

Past week

A few things from last week.
Last Sunday we had a lovely tea at Shane and Dawn's, for Shane's birthday. Scott's Mum and Dad were there too which was nice. Rebekah also came over to take some family photos - can't wait to see them! I'm going to take some pictures of her too, so she can be in some for once.

On Tuesday we had an appointment with Tom's consultant at the hospital. Had Jack (ill off school) and Harry with us too. It went well. Although Tom hasn't changed, we got discharged because 'Doctor Nick' is happy that I can manage his medicine OK, and change it as needed. Tom also got a different kind of medicine which is much more pleasant to take.

On Wednesday night it was the New parent's meeting for Harry starting school in September. It suddenly hit me that this is actually going to be happening, and though I have been looking forwards to it (and had it pointed out to me that lots of my sentences begin with ''When Harry starts school...'') I suddenly felt a bit emotional and wobbly. Need to make the most of him!

I'm vaguely aware that some football has been going on, but find it too boring to be able to watch. (I may manage it if we make it to the World Cup Final.)

Friday, Jack was off school again - missed his Sport's Day, which I can't say I was too upset about...bad Mum...

On Saturday Scott took the boys to the cinema and I took Lucy shopping (she is growing far too fast...) We had a pretty successful time getting nearly everything she needed (and one or two things we didn't, of course.)
In the afternoon I headed off with Lucy, Harry and a printed out map, to visit a quilt show that my friend Liz had some things in. I hadn't been to the village before, and the map was slightly misleading, so after a MAJOR detour, and me driving on motorway (NOT my favourite thing), we got there... 20 minutes after the show had ended. I managed to sneek in and have a quick look around though, then on the way back I took Harry to a massive pet shop to look at the animals, and Lucy to a massive stationary shop to look at pens, so that they hadn't just sat in a car for 2 hours straight!

Yesterday - Father's Day, was pleasant. Dad rang in the morning. He and Mum have Robin and Nikki and kids living there now - great news that they have completed on their old house. Now just waiting for a couple of weeks to move into their new one. Sounds a bit of a squish though with 2 lots of furniture in Mum and Dad's!
Scott didn't have to go to early morning meetings, and we had a nice afternoon - roast dinner with all the works, followed by peace (mainly), as all the kids made a huge obstacle course in the garden and played on it for ages.

Recently the boys, and Harry in particular, have been mad on drawing - I left out the Atlas for them on Saturday in hopes they would like the flags - they did. This was Harry and Tom this morning, working on flags from Georgia and South Africa. (Though our Atlas is a bit out of date - Georgia stopped using this flag in 2004.) Beautiful weather today. I took some pictures of Amy's quilt outside this morning, which I finished sewing last night, then my Visiting Teachers from church came over and shared a message with me (and bought me lemon meringue pie!) I had an organisational meeting at church this afternoon.
After school Jack came home very happy - his school's team of 4 kids, which came 2nd in the local schools' Maths Challenge, have got picked for the regional Final next month. Their score was higher than some of the other heats' winners, so they got through.

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