Sunday, 27 June 2010

The weather this week has been marvelous, and last Wednesday evening was a wonderful pocket of heaven. I had been on a church visit in the evening, and stood talking with a friend in the stillness of a picturesque little town, near a meadow and the river, and long sunlight through ancient trees. The air was bewitching with its shifting perfumes, and driving back home through the countryside, with a glorious jagged red and pink sky, was pure peace.

Well the weekend has gone, and I feel in need of another weekend to catch up.

Friday wasn't a great day - felt very stressed for no known reason - not even hormones to blame. In the evening I was so sick that I pulled a muscle in my jaw (not funny - it really hurt to talk and swallow!) It wasn't a bug though, and I went for a late evening run afterwards. Thought it was a good idea to wear myself out rather than mope.

On Saturday, after major kids' bedroom clear-outs, Scott and I took it in turns to go to sessions of Stake Conference. I travelled with two friends from our ward. Towards the end of the meeting, my friend sitting next to me became ill, and I got her out, rushing her to the bathroom. By the end of the meeting, she was in an ambulance heading to the nearest hospital with a possible heart attack (we were about an hour away from home). We other two followed on after. We spent the next few hours in an A&E room passing the time between our friend's tests. Got to know her much better, and love her more, and even laugh a lot. She improved through the evening, and it looks like she suffered a bad angina attack. We left her to be observed for the rest of the night, and I got home at about 1.30 this morning. Scott had waited up for me. Conference itself was good, and I took away some things to ponder in more depth.

We had the morning session of Conference with all the kids today - left at 7.45am so Scott could go to a meeting beforehand. Harry was a tired, grumpy nuisance and got worse as the day went on. Glad when the kids went to bed, and that was even with me sleeping for most of the afternoon! I'm worried that I won't actually ever become a wonderful and patient mother, and that the kids will just grow up and leave home before I manage to suss it out. All I can hope is that we will manage to do enough.

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Tiffany's kaliedescope said...

Oh Helen I truly enjoyed reading your first paragraph, you painted such an exquisit picture for me. It made my heart ache for England and old friends.... I'm greatful to be able to keep up with everyone via blogs. hugs & kisses Tiffany