Monday, 7 June 2010

At the 'Bouncy Castle Place'

On Wednesday 2nd June, Juli & Chris' family and we went a big bouncy castle place for the day. Great fun. This is where I broke my camera last summer, but glad to report it survived this time. One of the great things about this place is that the adults can go on everything too!Scott throwing Harry willy-nilly on the massive inflatable. We had a fabulous time on the go-kart track! I laughed so hard I ached, while trying to take some pictures.I don't think Juli and Chris should trust Annabelle to Scott's go-kart next time...Juli and I doing some jousting.Sorry Juli!Harry and Tom on the younger go-kart track A couple of the inflatables were wet ones. Did our kids have dry clothes to change in to? No.
Juli and I had a race over the massive inflatable obstacle course...
Slightly dazed... I came through the spiderweb bit so fast, I overshot the crash mat and hit my head on the concrete!We all got to write our names in the shed base when we got back.

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