Thursday, 10 June 2010

Berol Felt-tips

The post lady bought me some Berol felt-tips today. They are the only brand I will buy - mainly because they are about the only felt-tips that last for more than a week, but also because they are a part of my childhood.
We left all of ours in France (on purpose), and I bought some new ones on ebay this week. There is nothing better than a new pack of felts!! (well almost nothing) and I was especially excited today because there were some new colours (Dark pink, Flesh, Navy, Terracota etc.), and also some SMELLY ONES!! (Mint, Roses, Lavender, Banana, Vanilla etc. - Fab!) If no-one else understands my delight, John, Robin and Katy had better...Harry has been doing some wonderful drawings lately - usually buses or camper vans filled up with other vehicles (today it is rockets in a bus). I had the idea today of laminating a simple scene, that Harry can use with wipe-off whiteboard pens - and maybe we won't get through quite so much paper. He seems quite keen on it.
As for this week, Scott got anti-biotics again and he is fine now. He spent two days in Liverpool for a College Finance Director's jolly (or is that an oxymoron?)
Jack got a certificate for taking part in the Math's Challenge. I can't remember if I said before, but his team came a close second out of all the schools taking part - very proud of him. Had to pick him up early from school yesterday - found him hunched over a sick bag in the waiting area! Nothing too major - he was on the trampoline by tea time.
Tom, Lucy and Harry are fine.
I spent some time this week painting. The kitchen is looking better (ceiling, coving, some walls and window sill), though I did some re-touching in Lucy's room, but apparently the paint has changed colour - now it looks like she has a blue room with lilac splodges everywhere.
I went for a jog this morning, which didn't go very well - even though I made sure I had a big enough breakfast: tin of beans, toast, cheese etc. Why can I only jog OK at night?
Am hosting a reunion tonight, for a bookclub friend who moved away, and is back for a visit, and then tomorrow night I've got book club round here too. I like it when there a few things together - makes it worth getting the house super-tidy for!
And lastly some baby cake loaves that I made yesterday for when the kids got home from school. I love how dinky they are!


Miss Beevers said...

I LOVE mini muffin loaves! I have some tins I brought back from Canada!

johnflinn said...

berol felts... love them!!!especially useful for dreadlocking mum's hair!