Monday, 7 June 2010

Tuesday - Auray

On Monday night, Scott was really sick - he said he was the worst he has ever felt, ever. High temperature and vomiting, caused by the recurrence of the infection he had before. Poor man.
In the morning though, he still wanted to go out, but stayed in the car while me and the kids wandered around one of my favourite places - Auray.
We had already heard that the old sail boat that was a permanent fixture of the harbour (see above), had sunk, and so here are the kids - trying to appear in mourning for their beloved boat, in front of where it used to be. Not the most convincing acting ever witnessed.I love this one of the kids, walking up the art gallery street. (We bought some fabric badges in a little shop further up, where I had to do some very admirable speaking of French!)At the top of some tower we found, looking over Auray.
Anyone familiar with the Weeping Angels from Dr.Who will probably understand what these three pictures are about. Don't blink!!Progress on the shed base!
Kids ready for more marching. They loved it - and would be the ones reminding Dad!Tom and Harry, using the entrance to the front garden as goal posts. The grass looks a bit dead, but just needs to recover from Dad cutting it down from its meadow-like state.

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