Saturday, 12 June 2010

Various bits to be recorded for posterity

Harry visited the local Fire Station yesterday, and got to use the hose two times (he would not let us forget that bit), and he was given this beloved keyring, which I spent most of yesterday searching for every time he misplaced it. Sadly it is now lost over the back fence, but not before he insisted I take a photo of it.
Harry also yesterday: 'Mum, after I've been an Artist, I'm going to be a Doctor, and after I've been a Doctor I'm going to be a Fireman, and after I've been a Fireman I'm going to drive cranes. Oh and be a mechanic on cars.'
In France Tom lost two bottom teeth (one fell out while he was holding his cushion with his teeth??) This year's planting record: Carrots, Purple sprouting broccoli, Beetroot, Broad bean (Tom's plant from school), Courgettes.
Onions, Cauliflowers, Leeks and Mixed salad greens.
Last year - our first year of veg gardening - I had OCD about going out and seeing what had grown every three minutes. This year I chucked the seeds in and ignored them till today - and they have still done something! Gardening is amazing!
We had a lovely pottering day today. I went to a local quilting show, Scott took the kids to Tom's school fayre, we found the recharger at last for the strimmer, got some gardening done (Lucy did some really good work) and played games. Scott went over to watch England play America this evening, with a load of guys from church, and I worked on Amy's quilt. (I forgot the football was on till half time, but turned it off again till near the end - couldn't stand the noise.)

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