Monday, 7 June 2010

Holiday Day 2

Back here at home, Lucy and Jack are at school, and Tom and Harry are chalking out in the playhouse. All the washing is done, and I am mainly unpacked. Might as well do some more holiday blog:
Lucy and I took a walk to the nearby wood before breakfast. View over the wheat field, of Bel-Air. Another view of Bel-Air from inside the wood.
The track to the wood.
Leading down to the fish pond in the wood.
Some of Dad's wood pile. I don't know why, but I have a thing about wood piles - I love them! I have my favourites which are dotted about the coutryside around here - earmarked for the book 'Woodpiles I Have Known' which I will one day compile. We then headed for the beach.
Look at these crowded beaches we have to put up with!Some of the kids burying Juli's husband, Chris. Me amidst the usual sprawl we create on the beach. Relaxing for the evening in Mum and Dad's living room. Hard to believe these walls were covered with revolting turquoise painted render when they first bought it!

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