Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Try not to be too jealous of our Toffee Apples

On Monday Lucy and Jack went back to school, and one of Scott's old church friends, Gary, came to stay for the night as he had work nearby the next day. We had Family Home Evening together, and for the activity made toffee apples... I did look in every shop for toffee apple sticks, but to no avail. They look gross but we had a laugh making them and actually the toffee tasted pretty good. Flowers from Gary
I was a bit fed up yesterday; I still don't feel right and the kids are all full of cold - Harry had a high temperature and was up a lot on Monday evening. Tom had an appointment with his consultant at the hospital yesterday, and we ended up waiting for ages to go in, with the boys being tired and not particularly obedient! Tom still has to take his medicines (tears most days), and we need to go back again in a while.

Everyone except Harry made it to school today, though Lucy looked like death and Tom didn't want to! It's been nice and sunny though, and Harry and I have had a pretty lazy day which I have enjoyed. Made a couple of cards, and went to the shops. Bargains from the charity shop - a pair of jeans for each of the kids, a spider-man T-shirt that Harry fell in love with, a skirt, and a load of die-cast cars for Harry - all for £3.50!!
Got to go and get Tom in a minute, and I really don't feel like moving from this seat! Can't complain though, Scott took him in this morning for me.


pescbrico said...

I hope all your little one will feel much better soon...

poultonfamily said...

Hope we didn't give you all our bugs!