Saturday, 14 November 2009

This Week

A fairly quiet week this week - I seem to have slept a lot, including 12 hours last night.
Some random pictures:
Jack made this heads-on-spikes lego creation yesterday. I think he has been reading too many 'Horrible Histories' - when I told him it was gross, he said 'The Celts did it.'
Scott got greeted by a couple of 'slugs' when he got in from work yesterday. Scott has been working on our itinerary for America in the spring - he thinks we are squashing in a lot, but I reckon we will be fine, especially with no kids (!!) We've now booked our rental car.
Tom lost a tooth during tea last night, while his friend was round (actually I pulled it out - I love pulling their teeth out!!) At bedtime, I wrapped a purple Quality Street wrapper round one of my front teeth, and Harry looked most worried indeed, and couldn't figure it out till he touched my tooth!
I have no worries that Jack will eat well during his life - if there's not much in the house he doesn't just go for the peanut butter - here we have grated cheese and carrot. He always comes up with a plate laden with imaginative stuff!Also this week, Lucy had her Target setting day at school. It was nice because she got the whole day off and we only had to go in for 15 minutes. Lucy's tutor is great and totally agreed with me in thinking the kids should have much less homework, and that it should not be so computer based. Lucy's grades were very good. She is at a Chemistry Masterclass in Ely today, with her Gifted and Talented class. She was unimpressed at having to wear school uniform on a Saturday.
Harry bought home some great cookies from playgroup yesterday, and happily we were given the recipe too. Harry kindly gave me about a twentieth of a cookie, and it was GOOD, so we promptly made a load. They remind me of Bounty bars.
Here's the recipe:
Anzacs from New Zealand
75g Self-Raising Flour
75g Rolled Oats
75g Desiccated Coconut
75g Sugar
125g Butter
2 Tablespoons Golden Syrup
Melt butter and syrup, add rest of ingredients and mix.
Roll into balls and flatten onto greased baking tray.
Bake for 15 mins on GM 2, 150'C, 300'F.
Next time I make them (probably today!), I'm going to try adding chopped glace cherries/chocolate chips/raisins, or all three.

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