Sunday, 8 November 2009

Sparklers & Monsters

Harry and I didn't make it to church today - Harry was coughing half the night again. We just dropped the older kids off and they came home with Scott. I was snuggling down for a nap with Harry, and he said to me "Imagine I had a dream, and you were the boy and you were poorly, and I was the Mummy, and I hugged you really tight and then you were better, and that's the end!" I'm glad he thinks that Mummys do nice things!
When it got dark Lucy and I had a play with the sparklers that it was too wet to use on Bonfire Night: Years of practising mirror writing pays off!
Jack and Tom wanted to make monsters. Tom started his ages ago, and he finished the sewing tonight, and designed its face etc. and I finished it off. Lucy came up with the idea of sewing on Hama beads - the monsters will have some little glow-in-the-dark teeth! Jack started his tonight.
Tom is (majorly) proud of it!!
Jack worked hard on his and made a good start...

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