Saturday, 7 November 2009

On Thursday I did an activity with Harry that I got the idea for from (here). Harry got stuff from around the house and put them on which side he thought - Sink or Float, then he tried them out (obviously he could only put them in the water with the soup ladle). He enjoyed playing with water, though I moved it into the kitchen after a bit - the rug was getting a bit soggy. I was playing around with my camera while Harry was getting wet
Also on Thursday I decided to chop the legs off Tom's cabin bed. Following seeing Tom's consultant, we wanted to see if Tom could go through the night dry without us taking him to the toilet when we go to bed, but I didn't want to be changing a lot of wet bedding with his bed so high. I chopped the front two legs off, but then had to wait for Scott to get home so we could pull the bed out and finish it off. It was a bit chaotic with Tom's stuff everywhere. Scott went to Birmingham on Thurday, but his stuff finished at lunchtime, so he went shopping in the Bull Ring (got a new coat and suit), and was home early.This is his room yesterday. It will have to be painted at some point - it's still in the colours Lucy chose when it was her room. (The kids have swapped rooms loads.) The bed is a much easier height now anyway, though as it happens, Tom hasn't had any problems.Yesterday Lucy had to stay off school. She's had a bad cold this week. My Visiting Teachers came in the morning, and in the afternoon Harry got really poorly and coughed non-stop. Trevor came over later - a flying visit from Estonia. It was good to see him, though Scott missed him by just a few moments. Scott rang up in the afternoon and said he had bought some fireworks, and although I'd said I didn't feel up to a Firework Party this year at our house, I ended up wanting something at least, so at the last minute the Conways and Chattertons came over and we threw some stuff together. Here are the kids watching some fireworks. You can see Harry doesn't look too great! The Chattertons stayed on after the kids went to bed and we enjoyed their company.Today it is just me and the boys. Scott and Lucy have gone on a Youth Temple trip. It's lovely weather, but Harry is still not brill. We are having a lazy day (I am still in my dressing gown), maybe with some art later - Tom has just made himself a paper crown. I fancy some sticking I think.

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poultonfamily said...

Love the picture of you Helen, very sexy!! YOu always amaze me-for someone whos not well you always seem to do loads. Keep it up wonder woman!