Saturday, 21 November 2009

Tom's 7th Birthday Party

The last couple of days have been busy to say the least, but I'm sitting here pretty happy, because everything got done, and as planned. Holly came over yesterday morning to make her fabulous pies for the activity at church, and then I went to the chapel and helped set up, followed by a trip to Tesco - I got a couple of comments from other shoppers and my checkout lady re. the 200 rolls I bought! Thanks to Lucy who peeled all the vegetables needed for 50 servings of soup, without even being asked.
Then it was time to go out for a meal with some of the girls from church, and watching 'New Moon'. It was good chatting, and Rebekah and I had plenty of chance to catch up when we stood in the queue to bagsy seats for everyone. Had a laugh at the completely & utterly obsessed members of the queue, and also at Rebekah's swift getting of our seats!
I hadn't really given much thought to the film itself, and so it was great to thoroughly enjoy it! Very nice evening.

This morning Tom had his birthday party!! (I am trying to do at least one birthday party a month before the actual birthday, because people run out of Saturdays in December) He had 4 friends round for cinema, MacDonalds, and back home for cake. We had a bit of spare time and Jack was great at organising a football game for them. Tom had a good time.I am happy about the birthday cake situation this year - I saw a cake like this on someones blog, or some website, and thought it looked a very good, easy option. I was right! It is the easiest, most fun cake to make ever!! And the best bit is that all 3 boys want it for their birthdays!
It tasted OK too - there wasn't any left to put in party bags.
After the party, Lucy and I went and picked up our Activities Chairwoman and her 3 kids, and then got some last things ready for the activity. I think the evening went well, and I was really genuinely touched with how helpful and willing so many people were to help us do everything, even down to someone holding the gate open for us in the pouring rain while we drove out. People's kindness was the best bit of the whole evening for me. (Burning one of my fingerprints off on a slow-cooker, was my least favourite bit! - that and the fact my treacle tarts tasted horrible - you should NOT add lemon juice - the recipe lied.)
Very tired now. Hope we get to sleep in a bit tomorrow (ie. till 7am) Sorry Scott - know you won't!

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Pete, Alison and Charlie said...

Love the cake Helen! Bet it tasted fab - I can almost taste the chocolate from here! I like Jack's rugby shirt by the way... I think it's exactly the same as the one Charlie had at his birthday party! Speak soon. X