Sunday, 1 November 2009

The Poulton's Visit & Halloween

The half-term holidays have gone very fast! Scott took the day off on Thursday and we managed to fit in hiring the astro-turf pitch for the boys to play football, going to the dump, cleaning inside Scott's car, swimming, going to the driving range, cutting the grass, ordering Lucy's new bed etc.

Friday was spent cleaning the house (scrubbing window frames), making Lucy's fancy dress costume (she wanted to be an After Eight mint!), having a clear-out of Lucy's clothes, and getting ready for Juli and her family's visit for 2 nights. They arrived after our kids were in bed, and we got all Juli and Chris' kids settled down quickly. It was nice having little sleeping bodies in every nook and cranny of our upstairs! We had a nice evening chatting.Saturday it was chucking it down, (though Scott was out at 8.30am playing golf with blokes from church) so Juli and I decided to make cakes for the kids to decorate and give out at the 'Trunk & Treat' at church later on. We had great fun making revolting coloured cake mixture and icing, and the kids enjoyed slopping it eveywhere and sticking sweets on. The kids were all great - considering there were 9 kids aged 12 and under it was very easy and they all got on brilliantly. Juli and Chris' kids are so cute too!!
Juli and I went to the ward activity early, via Tesco (buying the last 100 hotdog rolls) and picking up the Activity chairwoman and her 3 kids. I had a very hectic couple of hours then, making sausages for the ward in an oven that DIDN'T WORK. (Ended up having to do them all in some frying pans.) It was my first activity being on the Activities committee and I learnt a lot, and I think the activity went OK. The kids were happy with their bucket-loads of sweets anyway!Nothing's changed!! I have a very similar photo of me and Juli 20 years ago, with some orange and purple cakes that we had made for some Young Womans thing!Juli and Chris went at about 9am this morning - to Ashley's baby blessing in Manfield, and then we went to church. Lucy had her first ever Young Womens, and I enjoyed Fast Sunday, even though it sounds odd that fasting, especially when you are shattered and getting ill, can make you feel so refreshed and renewed. I got the kids lunch and got Harry and Tom down for naps, then I had a much needed sleep too (till 5pm!) Two 5am starts this weekend, the ward activity, getting a cold, and not stopping moving all weekend caught up on me. Scott had a nap after that for a couple of hours too, and I think we are ready now for another week!

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