Tuesday, 17 November 2009

A new baby Flinn!

Wonderful news!! Nikki and Robin have a little baby girl! Born this evening, and weighing 7 lb 7oz, and Nikki didn't need a C-section - everyone is doing well! Adam has a sister!! Can't wait to know her name, but we might need to wait a while, if naming Adam is anything to go by.

Some more very random pictures from the last day...
Harry wanted dinosaur pie for tea last night... this is what we came up with, chicken pie with some handiwork by Harry and Mum.At last - there are pictures in all the frames in our living room! (The frames have been up and empty for about a year now) I seem to go along fairly happily, then suddenly realise that a part our house has descended into total chaos. How does it manage to get so bad before I actually notice it?!
Do we really need 2 bikes, a bodyboard, a pushchair, an After Eight Mint fancy dress costume, a huge bag of conkers, a golf bag trolley, several bags and 10 million shoes all on our porch floor???
No, we don't. This is the porch now, and I scrubbed everywhere and painted undercoat on the skirting boards too. No doubt I will 'discover' another disaster area soon...
We never got a picture of Lucy dressed as an After Eight, at the 'Trunk or Treat' at church, but she wanted a record of it before it got chucked in the recycling bin:
Harry this evening: "I CAN'T SEE!!"
Harry has been hard work this week (and last) since being ill. My patience has really been tested. I was getting fed-up this evening, when Harry suddenly changed into a different child - sweetness and light!! He said he was going to tidy up, and then did it! He did a really good job, and then went up and tidied his bedroom. I've no idea why. It cheered me up anyway.
Lucy, Jack and Tom all seem happy - Jack's looking forwards to going to Lucy's school tomorrow for a football tournament, Lucy's been organised with her homework, and is really enjoying Young Womens (she's just got in this minute from doing a scavenger hunt and said it was the best fun she's had in ages!), and Tom is happy in his quiet way - he has a biggish part in his school play and a solo singing bit, and he's enjoying it, and today he said his team won 3-2 at football. I asked him if he got any goals, and he said all three, so I have been calling him Hatrick Hero this evening. The oldest three have been getting on well with each other too. Though to be honest they have been a bit eclipsed by Harry the last week.
Also, Lucy said this afternoon, that she is really glad I take so many photos, even if they moan about being photographed at the time. I gave the kids a big box of photos today, that I was going to scrapbook, but didn't need because I made Tesco photobooks instead. They were happy sharing them out, finding ones of themselves and remembering good times. Anyway, the point is I feel vindicated!! I will carry on being snap-happy!
Harry spent some time this evening being a 'mer-man' (ie. legs wedged into a scooter box). I gave him an early birthday present today - a scooter. I couldn't bear him moaning the whole walk to school to pick up Tom again. It worked - he didn't moan, but I spent the whole time grabbing him before he flew onto the road, and picking him up, brushing him down and telling him It's-OK-there's-no-blood. One day this week, he shouted/cried really loudly after we'd just set off from our house "I'M GOING TO CRY THE WHOLE WAY!" (because I wouldn't carry him). Some lady was coming of out her house, and was laughing quite a bit at this. I have rolled my eyeballs quite a lot this week.
I know I'd be bored without all the fun though!


poultonfamily said...

Well done Helen, pictures and cleaning!

Kimberley said...

your blog always cheers me up x

Mum said...

It's a great life if you don't weaken!