Sunday, 29 November 2009

Not much really

I'm sitting here, feeling a bit rubbish with a cold coming on, just fiddling about on the computer. Can't be bothered to read or do anything really. Just some odd photos from the last day or two...
The boys watching 'You've been Framed' on telly last night. Lucy wanted some fabric to make an advent calendar, this afternoon, and it's all in plastic tubs under my bed, so I was helping her get it out and choose some. I came across some fabric I had forgotten about that one of the Mum's from school gave me ages ago. I was thinking it might make a good table cloth - maybe for the Ward Christmas party, so Lucy was helping me see how long it was - and she says 'I feel like the Statue of Liberty!' It made me laugh because Mum and Dad have a photo of my little sister posing as the Statue of Liberty too (though wearing somewhat less... sorry Katy!)

Scott's Mum & Dad sent the kids some money to buy chocolate advent calendars, a few days ago. The kids couldn't see any they liked (all sold out?), so we bought a big tin of chocolates for them and they are making their own. It's been fun seeing what they have come up with. Lucy is making a fabric wall hanging with pockets, and little numbers embroidered on; Jack has made a castle out of a cereal box, with a draw bridge that you pull down and get a sweet out of every day; Tom has hung a bag of sweets from a wooden coathanger that he is decorating all Christmassy. I'll have to come up with something for Harry. Noone got many advent chocolates last year because Harry went round and ate everyone's on about day 3.
Scott called for Tom to come and get his teeth cleaned tonight, and he came with this sign sello-taped to his head. Scott commended him for coming up with such a labour-saving device...
There has been lots of 'creativity' (ie. total mess) this weekend, what with making calendars, invites for Harry's birthday party, cards etc. and I finally finished off my Relief-Society-Christmas-craft-evening-wall-hanging thing. We also got a great new book on making felt and fabric Christmas decorations. Harry got me to sew a little blue and orange felt penguin for him, and Tom drew a template for, cut out and stitched this little snowman all by himself! His stitching has improved loads even since doing that monster thing.
My wall hanging.

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Pete, Alison and Charlie said...

Looks like you've been having fun! I have to admit, I've totally worn out my non-existent creative streak on Charlie's African costume. (I've just spent this evening re-sewing around all the seams because I'm paranoid he's going to put an arm or a foot through it!)
We had a similar advent calendar crisis - there were no dalek or Harry Potter ones, so Charlie decided he'd like one with Father Christmas on... eight shops later (after I'd bought a Transformers one in desperation) we finally found one in M&S (I'd only checked there an hour earlier and they were out of stock, but obviously re-stocked once I left... grrrrr.)
Still, at least that means I get to eat the chocolate out of the superfluous Transformers calendar!
Have you got your Christmas decs up? Charlie's in full-on festive mode already - and it's still only November. Am being a festive humbug and refusing to put our decorations up until at least after Pete's birthday on December 7!
Hope the birthday run goes well in your house... parcel will be in post tomorrow! XXX