Thursday, 19 November 2009

I enjoyed our Relief Society meeting last night - making Christmas crafts. Really well organised, and it was good just to chat to people, plus, I managed to drive all the way there and back without the car blowing up, to the relief of Anna and Enid who had a lift with me. I think it was a bit low on oil - Scott did something with a blue container this morning anyway.

Harry came downstairs on his own at 6 this morning, and I noticed later that my lovely gingerbreadman swag thing that I made last night, was mainly eaten. There used to be 3 men, and this is what's left... they were real gingerbread, but I'd painted them with acrylic paint. We'll have to see if Harry survives. To be honest, his scootering is more likely to finish him off than his acrylic paint habit.I know I have quite a lot to do for tomorrow and the weekend (ie. get party bags etc. ready for Tom's party, decorate his birthday cake, decorate his cup cakes for Children in Need, set up for the ward activity, buy 200 rolls, make soup for 50 people and a pie...) but today I decided to make an apron.
I realised I would need an apron for helping serve soup and pies after the church Quiz Night, and the only one I have is the most disgusting looking thing imaginable. It's a navy blue MacDonalds apron that my friend Juli gave me when she used to do accounts for them, years ago. That would be OK, but I have done plastering and floor tile adhesiving in it, and there are bits of rock welded all over it. Anyway, I did not think our ward members would like to be served by anyone wearing it.
I like my new apron, but it took me ages, as I was making it up as I went along, and haven't used bias binding before (and I sewed the straps onto the apron by accident a couple of times and had to unpick them.) I even made a big red polka dot rossette with buttons in the middle, and sewed that on it, but it looked a bit OTT, so I unpicked it. I may stick it on a hairband though, so I have a matching accessory!I made lemon curd after tea, and will put some in the middle of butterfly cakes, that I'll make out of the cup cakes - then they will be nice and yellow for Children in Need day! My hands smell lovely from doing the lemons, and I feel all good and domesticatedy!! Lemon curd is so easy to make and it tastes REALLY good - we haven't bought any ever, since tasting homemade. It's Jack's favourite.

Scott is sitting next to me eating pop corn that he just made. He felt really horrible yesterday - all the symptoms of everything going around, in one go. He stayed off work, but made it back today, and is a whole lot better. Watching 'The West Wing' DVDs on the laptop in bed a lot, must have helped his recovery.


Ryann said...

I completely forgot about the craft night. Sorry to have missed it. And I totally LOVE your apron!!! Gorgeous!!!

Anna said...

blimey - I can't believe how much you seem to get done with your time. I seriously do nothing of interest! My gingerbread men are all in tact though but that is mainly because they are on my drawers not fixed together yet...