Monday, 19 October 2009

The Weekend

Life's a bit hectic, and looks set to carry on that way for at least the next couple of weeks... doesn't help having the memory of a goldfish though - turning up to my visiting teaching appointment an hour early on Friday, double booking things etc...

Anyway, Saturday morning I went to the gym (5th Saturday in a row, and 5th Saturday that I had a massive headache all day). This will sound extremely pathetic to any running people, but I am quite happy that I seem to be making some progress - at first I could only run 3 individual minutes out of 12 on the treadmill, and on Saturday I did 5 minutes out of 10, and didn't look such an unhealthy shade of red this time. Lucy has just joined the cross-country team or whatever it is, at school this week, and I rashly offered to go running with her. At least my will is in order.

Also on Saturday we went into town and I took back Tom's school shoes to Clarks. He's only worn them for 6 weeks and they are falling apart already. They happily gave us a new pair anyway. Bought millions of bananas for £1 on the market on the way back to the car (Banana sandwich = lunch, bananas in smoothie = kids in from school, bananas on pancakes = pudding, today). Jack's also happy because we got his watch strap repaired and made the right width at a jewellers.

Saturday afternoon, Scott went to play golf while I gave each kid a cloth and a bag, and we each totally cleaned our bits of my car. It's about the cleanest it's ever been (on the inside), and you will be glad to hear that the yellow chewy sweet that melted down the inside of the window bit and then got smeared all up the window, is now gone!! (that only took 2 months!)
Scott lost his wallet at the golf course, so came home and went straight back out again to find it.

We then went swimming. This was mainly inspired by me not wanting to use the bath because there was wet filler round the edges (re-applied for about the nine hundredth time - I am SO SICK of it!!! the bath keeps moving apparently), so we figured we would get all the kids clean in the pool's showers. Scott and I actually ended up enjoying it. The pool was warm for once, and we were the only people in it for most the time, and we used all the floats and pool toys. We might even go back again soon.

Sunday - church, which I thoroughly enjoyed and felt refreshed by as usual. Scott slept for a couple of hours in the afternoon, and me and the kids had a lovely time with all my craft stuff - stamping and making Halloween cards. We made a total mess of course (the photo doesn't do justice to the devastation) - took me ages to clear it all up today, because Tom and Harry had managed to stamp black alcohol based ink all over the floor.
I helped out at playgroup this morning, and then cleared up and did laundry this afternoon. We had a quiz for Family Home Evening, and made a new height chart on the internal garage door for the activity, since I wall-papered over the old one. We had to include measurements for the kids favourite teddies of course, and Scott estimated Lucy will grow to be 6 foot. We had pancakes afterwards, setting off the extra smoke alarm that we fitted in our last Family Home Evening on Fire Safety.

Tomorrow I have a morning at a friend's and a meeting in the afternoon to organize our next Ward Activity. In a ward of 230, how many should we cater for?? I can easily picture most the ward turning up!

Harry's favourite colour is still orange - he decorated these cakes on Friday. We took a few in bags round for two of our friends, but managed to drop them TWICE, so it looked like we were just giving them very messy bags of icing.

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poultonfamily said...

Hi Helen, that picture makes me feel a whole lot better. It's not just my house then! Did Scott find his wallet? Oh, tip for the bath-fill it with water, pretty much to the top-let it sit for a few hours then do your filling with flexible filler or silicon tube squrty thing, while the water is in the bath. Don't empty the water until the filler is dry.