Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Kids Back!! & Autumn

Scott went after work to pick up the kids yesterday, and they got back late last night, tired, but all very happy! I enjoyed my couple of days on my own - got to go shopping, and sleep and read and just eat when I felt like, or eat out with Scott - we went out to an Indian Restaurant on Monday night, and I met him for lunch near work yesterday! Poor old Jack had the sick bug while he was away, and poor old Meg had to clear up and stay up all night with him... a really big thank you to Meg and Dave, and Keely and Grant for looking after the kids so well xxx

I have been wanting to take some Autumn pictures for a while, and today was a lovely clear day so we went and collected conkers and sticks, and played football. (Jack was a bit tired and in a bad mood for getting in trouble for clonking Tom, so he stayed in the car.) When we got home we carved our pumpkins...
We love them!!


Ryann said...

Wow-you guys are professional pumpkin carvers! They look fantastic!

Kimberley said...

you are just the best mum Helen and you take such gorgeous photos x