Thursday, 22 October 2009


I'm sitting here on the settee with the boys, watching Children's Programmes (am I the only one who hates people calling Programmes 'Shows', by the way? We're not American.) Anyway, I've been feeling really rough for about a day now, and was sick this morning. I had to take all the kids to Tom's parent's evening yesterday (and managed to confuse 4.10 with 4.50 - inspite of having had the time clearly visible for a week) - it wasn't much fun keeping some increasingly tired kids occupied for 40 minutes in a school hall, while I didn't feel well. Tom got a very good report though!
I rang Scott up afterwards and asked him to come home and miss his evening meeting in Northampton, which he was going to, straight from work. I still had Jack's parent's evening to get to, which Scott did instead, and he got tea on the way home. Jack also got a very good school report! Well done boys! I am proud of how they always seem to try their best at school.

I got to have today on my own - Harry had a birthday party after playgroup. Had a good chat with Mum on the phone, but then managed to stand on a needle - on the eye end with thick cross-stitch thread in it! It went HALF WAY in!! I really had to steel myself to pull it all out!
Later when Harry came home, he was sick all over the carpet, poor little thing. Cleaning up sick when you feel sick is not great!! Good job we have borrowed Mum's carpet washer!
I'm supposed to be going girly shopping with Lucy tonight, to get things for her sleepover party tomorrow night, but I think Scott will have to! He will enjoy that!
He is a very clever husband - got himself a payrise yesterday. His boss is happy with him.

Yesterday I got done what I had planned in the morning - entering a competition to be on a design team (having to make something weekly for a craft site). I had to make two pieces and enter them, with a written bit about me. I genuinely don't think I will get on the team - the standard is high, but I am still pleased that I pushed myself a bit to do it and got out my comfort zone. I had major butterflies as I was submitting them!

I am going to have a go at clearing up now...

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pescbrico said...

I wish everyone will start feeling much better soon! Hope you will get on the DT you wish :)