Thursday, 15 October 2009

This week so far

The DIY continued in Lucy's room this week, and it is now looking really nice - just need to get a new bed now.
On Tuesday I spent the morning at a friend's house helping make and decorate fairy cakes for a party. We (or I should say I) made a right mess, but the cakes turned out OK. I had an atrocious day with the kids on Tuesday - they were tired and grotty from the weekend, but seem OK now.
Harry didn't want to go to playgroup yesterday, so I let him have a day off and we had a nice quiet day at home. Spent about 4 hours on Lucy's room. Made some disgusting looking gray playdough - Harry always gets to coose the colour!
Scott's having a busy week church-wise this week - out most evenings.
Last night I had itchy fingers, and declared an art evening - we had a lovely time - the kids all did massive pictures with watercolour pencils (less messy than paint). In the middle, a lady from The County Council rang up to do a questionnaire on shopping habits. I ended up having a nice little chat with her as she is a fellow crafter!
Yesterday I cut out 100 little red noses from sticky back foam, for a craft activity at a school fair. The boys were ready for school early this morning, and I came in and found them making beards out of the left over sticky foam bits! I offered Tom 50p if he would wear his to school but he chickened out...
I felt very home-makerly too this morning - making brownies before school (actually it was because we haven't done any shopping this week, and had no chocolate biscuits for packed lunches.) We need to sort out a new shopping system, now that Scott can't do it after his meetings on a Tuesday night because he brings Lucy home from Young Womens.Also last night Tom started making a book about his life. He had no help with it - it was all his own.I love the first page of the book!! 'I was in Helen Caton Cryer's tumy. I do not know what it was like in ther.'


johnflinn said...

shop online! we've been doing it for a few weeks now and it's great!

poultonfamily said...

I agree-online is great for store cupboard but lidl is the best for fresh stuff. Oh, and you should tell the kids they are really lucky to be allowed chocolate in their packed lunches. It's band in our school, along with crisps and biscuits!! I'm being a rebel giving them muffins!