Sunday, 25 October 2009

No kids & Cambridge

Also on Friday, Scott's Mum rang up and invited the boys to stay, for the same time that Lucy would be staying with Scott's cousin. As soon as Lucy's friends left, we headed off down South to drop all the kids off and have a lovely birthday lunch at Scott's Mum and Dad's. We got to see Scott's Nan and Aunt and Uncle too which was nice, and also spent some time at Scott's cousin's.
Also found out that Jack and Tom's suitcases had made it as far as the living room at our house, but no further!! At least their church clothes/coats/wellies were separate, and Meg is so organised she had spare pants and toothbrushes!
Scott and I stopped off at Tesco on the way home and stocked up on goodies, and rented some films (after checking there wasn't anything on at the cinema).
This morning I woke up at 9.20! Well - 8.20 because the clocks changed, then got to listen to every word of the conference session that we watched at church. Elder Holland's talk on the Book of Mormon was powerful. If anyone has a curiosity about whether the Book of Mormon is true or not, they should watch it. (here) Click on 'Sunday PM' & 'Elder Jeffrey R. Holland'.
After a nice dinner (it's easier cooking for 2 than 6!), Scott and I drove to Cambridge and had a lovely wander round...

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Your pictures are stunning! :) Have a wonderful day!