Monday, 12 October 2009

Amy's Baby Blessing

On Saturday, Shane and Dawn took the oldest three to the cinema to see 'Up' which they all really liked, and then we headed to Nottingham to stay at Mum and Dad's house the night before Amy's Baby Blessing in Derby. Harry on the journey.
The blessing given by Dan, and all of church was lovely. I missed the last hour or so of church to look after Amy. It was really nice walking around the building, rocking her to sleep - bought back memories of doing that with my kids. After church we all went back to Katy and Dan's house, and had a feast! Some of the puddings...
We didn't see much of the kids - they had their food under the buffet tables - it was great!
Amy (Age 0) & Great-Grandma (Age 90) Dad
Little sister Katy!
'Little' brother Robin
The doting Grandparents...Lucy and Amy Adam didn't fancy wearing many clothes
Jack teaching things to Amy Katy's sock monkeys, including the wonderful Monkey-monks
Our delightful daughter
I think John took this one of him and Robin...
Dan and Katy
Back at Grandma and Grandad's house - waiting for the others to arrive back from Katy and Dan's. We had a good laugh (mainly discussing dangerous/revolting past escapades) at Mum and Dad's, then dragged ourselves away home.

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