Monday, 5 October 2009

Family Pictures from Conference Weekend

We stayed over Saturday night at Mum and Dad's, along with Katy and Amy (Dan was working). Niki, Robin, Adam, Dan and Great Grandma came on Sunday, and we hung out all day, in between going to various sessions of Conference at the Stake Centre. (I know we could see it on the internet, but it just doesn't seem the same as getting the kids dressed smartly, and sitting and watching it reverently at church.) The kids told us the bits they remembered on the way home afterwards. They especially like President Monson's 'Warm Fuzzies' story! All the talks from Conference can be seen here. My Dad and niece Amy
Katy and Robin Amy and her Daddy Jack playing with the solar powered spider he built while we were in Nottingham
My lovely husband... Dan took these garden ones of the kids: Harry playing with the bus I used to play with at the same age My brother-in-law Dan (with the tie I like!) My sister-in-law Niki, and Adam Harry with Great-Grandma's 'Big Eye'
Dan gave me some pointers with my camera, and so I was playing around with shutter speed on the drive home - this one was exposed for 30 seconds, and the one underneath was the rear lights of the car in front, with me moving the camera in a heart shape! A bit rubbish, but fun. I want to get a tripod for low light photos, next.


Anna said...

Should have got one of Niki with her 8 month prego tummy! Nevermind - I'm not sure she would have appreciated it anyway...

The Cryer Family said...

Amy is WELL cute!!