Thursday, 8 October 2009

The DIY has continued this week, with an exciting (oh there should be a special font for sarcasm) re-grouting of around the bath, fitting a new bath panel, fitting a new light and shelves for Lucy, plus building all her Ikea furniture (except for the half a wardrobe we left at Mum and Dad's house). I was fed up of DIY today anyway, so have been sorting out photos on my computer, and working on a new photobook.
I've kept Lucy off school the past 2 days again - she doesn't seem to be getting any better - cold symptoms, bad stomach etc. She is good company though. Today she developed a whole thing called 'Lucy Enterprises', with a newsletter, reward points system, with reward cards for the boys, library cards for them, and she's been writing out other plans for it. The boys on the other hand have been working on their birthday present lists (with the Argos catalogue in hand...)
The kids also got letters from America today from a friends' children of similar ages, which they are happy about. They have been writing their replies. The letter for Tom was so sweet, and ended mid sentence, saying that the little girl 'also collects sti...' We have had fun guessing what it is she might collect - stickers, sticks, stick-insects?
Also today a tripod came for my camera - which I used on some of the pictures below. I really have to read the book on how to use the camera properly now.
Just before bedtime tonight, I was talking to Lucy, and Harry was dying to tell me something - he kept interrupting, and then getting distracted, and when he finally came out with it, it was "Mum, 'normally' sounds like 'Norman'! " Lucy and I were highly amused, and decided 3 year olds are fun to have around.
If anyone happens to see Scott looking slightly the worse for wear, by the way, he left his electric shaver in Nottingham, and has been coping with wet-shaving, with his 'food storage' razors. He has a nice new constellation of toilet paper bits stuck on him each morning. Poor man.


Pete, Alison and Charlie said...

Thanks Helen. It is hard for both Mum and Dad at the moment. It's sad to see him so sick.
I bottled out of sending Charlie as a pea, but I had to laugh this morning as I saw a little lad dashing across the playground with a green tracksuit, with his mum yelling after him 'Remember, you're a leek...'!!!
Glad you're having fun with your camera - nice pic of you on this post - was that a self-portrait?
Speak soon, lots of love X
PS Let me know if the boys/Lucy come up with any good birthday/Christmas pressie ideas!

Anna said...

Look at that tidy house?? How is that possible AND doing all that DIY?

The Chattertons said...

I really like the photos you took...makes me anxious to get a better camera.