Saturday, 3 January 2015

Ward Walk - 2nd January 2015

Scott had to go back to work today, and I took the kids to church for 9am to join in on the Ward Walk & Run. There were 5k and 7k routes for the runners, and a 4k walk for the rest of us.
Here are the runners! 
We all set off from the Chapel, and had circular routes.

The Walkers... including pushchairs, 3 dogs and a horse!

Tom, Lucy (in her high-viz outfit!) and Jack. I didn't see Harry at all after this early stage of the walk - he and Joseph Wade ran the rest of the way.

It was a beautiful day - the light was gorgeous. I walked with Ben Knight most the way - my friend Liz's son, back from uni. We had a good talk about the Gospel.

Our path crossed with the runners.

Back at the Chapel, we had juice, smoothies and cookies, and chatted with friends for a while. We did a bit a cleaning up, then went home, dropping Shane off on the way.

In the afternoon, Harry, Tom and I did some painting in the cabin.

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