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Boxing Day, 27th & 28th December 2014

On Boxing Day, we had a lovely slow start again... this was the view from my bed!

We had a roast beef dinner at lunch time, with just our family. Yum.

We then decided to try and get a photo of all of us - lots of John dashing to and fro to set the camera auto timer etc...

...and the silly one...
Straight after these photos, Tom was ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood. Scott did the ordination, accompanied by Dad, John, Robin and Dan. It was just lovely. Tom had met with Bishop Wade the Sunday before, and the ward had given him a sustaining vote in Sacrament meeting.

After lunch I went for a walk with Dad, and Robin and Niki's family.

It's lovely to look out on the hills from the Temple site.

Then after that, Lucy and I went on a little photo shoot. I wanted to see if I could get photos with nice blurry Christmas lights in. We didn't really get very good pictures but had a lot of fun!

I took this picture as we went back to our building - in the top half you can see bed bases on their sides which Dad strapped to the railings upstairs, to prevent little people from climbing up them!
We really did take over the place! At one point we had filled half of one corridor with a load of double mattresses from the storage room, for doing acrobats on! Everyone left their doors open, and the kids just wandered (and scootered) happily around! The rest of the people staying there didn't seem to mind too much!

Katy and Dan, and Robin and Niki left that afternoon. Here's all Katy and Dan's stuff waiting to get loaded in the car! Scott and I debated about when to go home, and decided to stay another day.

The kids engrossed with some film!

That evening it began to snow. It looked gorgeous!

Lucy and went on another walk. For some reason we didn't have coats on so it wasn't a very long walk, but the whole place just looked so wonderful, and was deserted.

There was more Mafia playing that evening, and I stayed and helped Mum clean the flat, plus a couple of different people dropped by, then later when the younger kids were in bed, John, Hannah, Lucy, Scott and Jack played Settlers of Catan in Katy and Dan's empty flat, and I read.

The next day, the Temple was back open, and I went and did some temple work (borrowing a skirt from Mum, because I hadn't bought any smart clothes.) It was so nice to see Mum and Dad in the Temple, and they introduced me to lots of people, and Dad gave me a guided tour... I have never seen such a sparkling clean boiler room in my life!

After that we had lunch in our flat, and gradually got the place packed up and cleaned. John and Hannah left at lunch time too.
It had taken us three hours to travel to the Temple, but took us SIX hours to get home!! We had travelled 27 miles after the first 2 and a half hours! The traffic was just really slow.

The kids were great on the journey (though they were in little cubicles really, created by the two large caravan mattresses down the middle of the car!)
We stopped off near Kettering for a McDonalds, and happened to park next to Emma Kerjenski's family - one of the school Mums!
We finally made it home by about 7.30pm, and by 8pm had everything unpacked and the washing machine on, though it took ages to get the house feeling warm again.
We were all happy, having had a super Christmas!

At about 4.30am on Sunday 28th (the next morning), Harry woke up and was sick. He'd made it out of bed but got sick all down the door frame! The poor boy then carried on being sick all day till about 2pm. He didn't complain at all, just lay on the living room floor with a blanket, and sick bowl nearby.
The others all went to church and I stayed home with him. He was much better by the next day.

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