Wednesday, 14 January 2015

A Busy Week Part 1: 8th - 10th January

The past week has been pretty busy, including a lot of travelling.
On Thursday (8th) it was my turn to do the Early Morning Seminary run, where I pick up Xander Waters at 6am, then come back for Lucy and Jack, then pick up Kirsten Cryer, and take them to the chapel for their class. I sit in one of the other classrooms and do some scripture reading, and other reading, then take everyone home again. I can't complain, as I only do it every other Thursday, taking it in turns with Scott, Mick and Jo Waters, and Shane. I'm also super glad that the kids all choose to get themselves up and ready, and want to go and study the Gospel before school three mornings a week!

On Thursday evening I had a Stake youth meeting in Bedford, which Carys Robertson, our Stake Young Women Secretary gave me a lift to. One of the roads was closed on the way home (as often seems to happen after meetings), so we had fun finding a new way back!

After school on Friday I took Jack to the clinic for an immunisation - his second of the day. They had all had one at school too.
I was out again on Friday evening for book club at Donna Wright's new house. The book was 'Double Negative' by Ivan Vladislavic. It's set in South Africa, and I was about the only one who enjoyed it!

On Saturday, we all got up pretty late, except for Tom who was picked up just after 7am by Henry Williamson's family (one of his school friends) for a day in Hemel Hempstead, paintballing.
At about 10.30am, Mum and Dad came to visit. They are having their two week winter holiday from the Temple at the moment, and are back in Nottingham - living with Niki and Robin, who moved into Mum and Dad's house a few weeks ago, so they can get on with decorating their own house ready to sell.
We had a pretty quiet day (we had planned to do some painting in the cabin, and other jobs, but it was too horrible and windy outside to want to.)
When Jack finally woke up he was ill, and could hardly speak he felt so awful - a result of his immunisations. It was horrible seeing him feel so rubbish, because he is almost never ill. He had every possible side-effect listed on the leaflet we were given!
Lucy stayed in her room most the time, doing A level work.
Harry spent the morning playing on the boys' new second-hand X Box, but he had a complete melt-down in the afternoon when I said he couldn't go on again, resulting in a ban for two days the next week, and him moping in his room for a while. Later on though, he played chess with Dad.

I slow-cooked a nice lump of pork for a late lunch, and later on got Harry's stuff ready for staying at Mum and Dad's in Nottingham for a couple of days. I really wanted to go with Scott and the youth to a Devotional at Hyde park Chapel on Sunday night, so had asked Mum and Dad if they'd take Harry back with them, which they were happy to.

Some pictures of Tom at paintballing - from Henry's Mum's Facebook. He had a super time!

I left at 5.30pm to travel to Milton Keynes for a birthday meal for my Stake Young Womens Counsellor, Gill Barstow. There were 24 of us, all on one long table, at the Thai Modern restaurant.
I sat next to Sharon Preston, from Milton Keynes Ward, who I get on with really well, as she has been our First Aider on a number of YW camps.

The starter which Sharon and I shared! I've never really had Thai food before, and this was gorgeous!

We sat opposite Mary Norton and Sharon's husband, Peter. We had a really good night, and certainly didn't run out of conversation.

Me with the birthday girl! I was so glad she had a happy night - she's a wonderful person. 
At the end of the meal, we all moved around a bit, and I had good chats with a number of other people - most of whom I know from church. I got back home some time after 11.

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