Friday, 2 January 2015

Christmas Day 2014

After negotiations the night before on what time to open the presents in the morning (ranging from about 4am to 10am), we all met in the lounge at 8am! Our older kids woke up at about 5.30am and opened their stockings in the living room, but Harry, Scott and I slept longer. 
I found a lovely bottle of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle perfume in my stocking!

We sang a Christmas Carol, Dad read from the scriptures, then we opened presents.
The twins singing!

(Tom bought Jack some fizzy!)

Lucy with her cousin Joseph.

About half way through... most the kids had already gone off to play! Dad was master of ceremonies, giving out presents.

Hanging out in the lounge afterwards.

My nephew Asher got a scooter for Christmas - what better place could you have to play with it?! He was good at sharing it, so there was some kid permanently on it whizzing up and down the corridors for the rest of the whole holiday!

Watching TV later on at the other end of the lounge.

We had Christmas dinner at 2pm over in the main Accommodation Centre, and used the fantastic big kitchen there, where everyone did part of the meal. It had four ovens and we used them all!

Jack bringing one of the turkeys over! (Not sure why it was in a towel!!)

As the Accommodation Centre was not in use, we had the whole place to ourselves, including the large lounge, where we set up tables for Christmas dinner - it was perfect!!

We had dinner with the Murrays and Connollys (who with Dad make up the Temple Presidency), and one of the Connolly's daughters and her husband, who were over from Denmark. We had a great time!

Later on I went for a walk round the Temple grounds with Katy, Dan and their kids.

Then we had round two of present opening, with Robin and Niki. Katy made these fantastic capes and masks for Heidi and Emma!

We had some fun with balloons and glow sticks, and just hung out chatting for ages. I had a good chat with President Murray about photography and lenses etc, as he has a similar camera to me.

Tom taking a selfie!

Back at our own flat, before bed. Everyone happy! Before that though, we had been back over to the Accommodation Centre lounge, which we blacked out as best as possible, and played 'Mafia'. It was hilarious! Everyone running round in the dark (or in my case trying to hide behind the settees) while the Mafia 'killed' people, then all the ridiculous discussion afterwards about who was who, and who to eliminate each round!

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