Friday, 2 January 2015

New Year's Eve 2014 & New Year's Day 2015

On New Year's Eve, Scott took the older three kids to the Ward Party, where he was helping to run some of it as Young Men's President. There didn't seem much point in taking Harry, as it didn't start till 7pm, so he wouldn't be able to stay long before needing to go home to bed (and believe me, no one would want to be around a Harry who's stayed up till Midnight...)

I felt a bit left out by not going to the party, as I really do love celebrating the New Year - it's such an exciting and inspiring time, but I spent a pleasant evening looking on Amazon for free or cheap Kindle books, for my new Kindle, plus downloading a book I've wanted to read for ages 'The Happiness Project'. I spent a grand total of £12 - my last splurge before not spending anything (except on groceries, or things the kids need) till my birthday in May. I've done this for the past two years as well - it always seems like I spend a lot of money on myself plus everyone else in the run up to Christmas, and feel a need for stopping spending for a time.
Before Harry went to bed, I read him the first chapter of a book called 'The Worst Kids in the World' - a book I loved when I was a kid. He loved it too!
I should also mention that my Kindle was a recent gift from my friend, Jo Blackhurst. She lost her Kindle, bought a new one, then found her old one so gave it to me. How lovely of her!

Anyway, 'The Happiness Project' is really good - the woman writing it seems to be thinking exactly the way I think, and has come to a lot of the same conclusions I have (I wrote my New Year Resolutions a few days ago, and they are uncannily similar to what the woman talks about), plus she expands on the subjects. So I had a nice time reading that, as well as receiving Snap Chats from Lucy (so I wouldn't feel too left out), plus chatting with people on Facebook.

A delightful Snap Chat of Lucy and Scott...

A photo Lucy put on Scott's Facebook page, from the party. (Selina Malzone, Bethany Doughty, Jacob Williamson, Lucy and Tom.) Tom was very happy to be allowed to stay till midnight - he's twelve now, and in the Youth programme, so I think it's time he can!

Another lovely Snap Chat of Lucy and Jacob.

A couple of minutes before midnight, I hated the thought of seeing in the New Year on my own, so I took a couple of glasses of Shloer into Harry's room and woke him up. He was highly unimpressed when I told him it was nearly the New Year, and rolled over and went back to sleep, so here I am on my own seeing in 2015!

We started 2015 in grand fashion, with me ironing for about 2 hours, whilst Scott and the boys demolished the shed.
We now have an even bigger pile of rubbish on the patio, but no shed (behind the left-hand trellis) any more. 
I've still got another few hours worth of ironing to do, as I have neglected it for a few weeks... I also took all the Christmas decoration down, with some help from Harry. 
We had lapsed for a while, but have now started the 'kids doing a job a day' chart again. Tom vacuumed downstairs, and Jack vacuumed upstairs, so we are looking pretty straight. (Except for the garden!!)

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