Friday, 2 January 2015

Visiting Meg and Dave (30th December 2014)

On the 30th December, we drove down to Rayleigh, Essex, to visit Scott's Mum and Dad for the day. We got there around lunch time, and Meg had prepared a lovely meal for us.

After lunch we decided to drive to Leigh-on-Sea, for a walk. Meg came with us, and it was great. We all love being by the sea. Nice bright, though cold weather.

Jack and Tom found a shopping trolley on the walk down to the sea, and took full advantage of it, looking like a right couple of yobs!

There is a sign saying that the green boat on the right took part in the rescue from Dunkirk, in 1940.

Lucy balancing precariously... (She was sensible enough to give me her phone first!)

Jack skimming stones.

Lucy Googling some rocks that Tom had found, to try and identify them.

Scott and his Mum chatting, on the far right of the picture.

Back home, we watched an Indiana Jones film (the kids have never seen any of them before), and everyone took great delight in making complete fun of it. It was also shown in some kind of 'real life' filming mode, which made it look like a bad Sitcom... it drove me nuts!
Anyway, then we had a super tea, pulled crackers (from which Lucy got her beloved eye-patch), and then chatted some more before driving back home. A really lovely day.

I told Harry to come and stand next to me and make Nanny and Grandad laugh. He didn't do too bad a job!

Lucy was hibernating, and kept mumbling something about setting her armies on me, when I poked her...

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Dan Gosling said...

My grandfather John Gosling was evacuated from Dunkirk, on his return to England he was 'rested' (I don't know the proper military term) in Knottingley. The local vicar invited the Dunkirk soldiers to afternoon tea at the vicarage. There he met my grandmother Mildred Webster, who was working as a maid at the vicarage. Wouldn't it be funny if that was the boat he came back across on? Not likely, but just a thought.