Thursday, 1 January 2015

February 2014 so far

I've had quite a bit on church-wise in the last couple of weeks, starting with a full Stake Young Women Presidency meeting in Huntingdon on Wednesday 29th January. We discussed our direction for the upcoming year, and had a great meeting - I have such lovely counselors!

The next night (Thursday 30th) I drove with Ben Conway and Paul Garrick to Northampton for our Stake Council meeting. I wasn't feeling that great - had had the beginnings of a migraine in the day.

On Saturday 1st February the whole family went the cinema to see 'Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters'. We saw loads of people we knew there, including Jo, Isaac and Anya Blackhurst who sat behind us. The film was OK, and we enjoyed being together as a family. 
Back at home I cut all four kids' hair, and then in the evening, I drove Lucy, Jack, Kirsten and Dawn to Northampton for the evening session of our Stake Conference. The youth had been asked to sing at it, and we had had one practise all together, but I was a bit worried at how many kids would turn up and sing on the night. I needn't have worried though - loads of kids came up and we sang two hymns during the course of the meeting, but then our last song (the EFY medley which was our best one) got missed off the programme because of a mix-up. I was sitting in the congregation signalling to President Clayton on the stand, to remind him, and luckily he added us in after the closing prayer. I was pretty proud of the youth! I think we sounded good (especially our last piece), and afterwards so many people said to me how they enjoyed it and had felt the spirit. The youth themselves seemed to have enjoyed it too. One of the Mum's took this picture of us - proud of her three kids!
We had soup, and socialised afterwards, and we ended up leaving pretty late, as one of the Young Women Presidents wanted to discuss something with me.
The next day we watched the Sunday Session of Stake Conference. 

Most of us haven't felt that well for quite a bit of the month so far - a continuation of feeling sick, headachey, and just exhausted. Lucy had three days off school last week, and Tom one, plus Lucy was off today again as well (and has had blood sugars in the 23's a couple of times.)
We've still done quite a bit though, especially this past weekend.

On Friday 7th I went to a book club at least (have missed loads!) - not that I'd read the book.

I also helped run a Multi-Stake dance at Bedford Ward for our youth. Here's Lucy with some of the other girls.

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