Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Training Meeting in Watford

After we were back from France a couple of days, on 3rd September, I travelled down to Watford for a training meeting. Bishops and Stake Presidencies had a separate meeting, and Auxiliary Presidents met with Sisters Clayton, Kerr and Kopischke.
What a wonderful experience. After a slightly scary start, when I was asked to conduct the meeting (!), we had a quite informal and personal meeting, with some marvelous training, and discussion.
I spoke with Sister Clayton afterwards too, and she said that it was clear to see why I was called - that I am what the girls need to see, even if I didn't actually do anything, and she shared many other things that left us both in tears. After all the stress and rushing around and busyness of the calling, it was wonderful to feel so spiritually uplifted, and re-focused on what my priorities need to be. The impact of this meeting has really stayed with me.
Afterwards, Bishop Wade, Rebecca Cain and myself had a meal out before travelling home.

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